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Alumni of City Skies events include: 84001, Adam Daedalus, Adam Herbert, Allen Welty-Green, AncientByrdland, Andrew Provine, Andrew Velker, Andrew Weathers, Ben Coleman, Bill Fox, Blake Helton, Broken Symmetry, Burning Artist(s) Sale, Caspella, Charles Green, Charlie Pazinets, Chris Amell, Chris Swartz, Chris Wilfong and His Robots, Christian Birk, citizenGreen, Collaboration with Sounds, Darren Nelsen, Dave Herpich, Dean De Benedictis, Diskeyes, Don Hassler, Doug Hughes, dRachEmUsik, Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, Earthgirl, Ed Siedzik, Elbo Jones, Emerald Adrift, Enigmatic Flux, Fader Vixen, Fluxdelux, Fractale, Frank Schultz, Fringe Element, Gene Thompson, Giles Reaves, Greg Waltzer, Hans Grubb, Harold Timms, Hong Waltzer, Howard Moscovitz, Indigovox, Jan Pulsford, Jason Butcher, Jeannie Allen, Jeremy Frank, Jez Creek, JHelix, Jim Combs, Joe Sikes, John Rose, John Rossi III, John Vorus, Johnny Jitters, Jonathan Burkett, Jonathan Wade, Jose Murcia, Joshua Kay, Kathy Raimey, Kevin Haller, Kevin Spears, Klimchak, Kurt Michaels, Less'Noise, M. Peck, Mark Mahoney, Masik, Maui Threv, Michael Victor, Michael Thomas Roe, Michelle Friedman, Mike Metlay, Misdreamt, Modulator ESP, Monomania, Nicholas Slaton, One Cut Kill, Paul Vnuk Jr, Pink Kodiak, Phylum Sinter, r_garcia, Radical Geometry, Random Rabbit, Raquel Pupo, reklein, Richard Devine, Richard Lainhart, Scott Burland, Serson Brannen, Shaarab, Shane Morris, Slate, slicnaton, Spectralux, Spy Magnet, Steven Goransky, Sue Wilkinson & Mike Cady, Suicide Lane, Sulfuric Acid Test, tay0, The Fabric, The Liquiphonic Response, The Secret Life, The Synthetix, The Subliminator, The Wiitles, Toby Chappell, Tony Gerber, Travis Thatcher, Tutu Tango, Twyndyllings, Ultralap, Use Other Door, Ward Southeard, Wendy Owens, Xeroid Entity, Zachary Hollback


Upcoming events and performers

Happy Holidays!

Our performers include musicians from around the U.S. heard on Music From the Hearts of Space, Echoes, Star's End, Soma FM, StillStream, Galactic Travels, and more.

Musical styles range from ambient to downtempo chillout to Berlin school to electropop to IDM to space rock to experimental.

A nice article on City Skies can be found here at Beatlanta.com.

We showcase the country's best electronic musicians at our favorite venue, Kavarna.

Live events are held at:

Kavarna, 707 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030